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Photographs from the 2009 West Coast Roadtrip
Posted: 26-Aug-2009 9:29AM CDT
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2009:06:13 17:57:31 - North Dakota 2009:06:15 10:23:13 - Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana 2009:06:16 16:34:29 - Grand Coulee Dam, Washington 2009:06:17 15:46:07 - 2009 National N Scale Convention, Layout Tour 2009:06:24 14:51:15 - Crater Lake National Park, Oregon County Counting as of Aug. 26, 2009

In June 2009, I drove to the National N Scale Convention in Portland, Oregon. After the convention I took some time to explore the west coast. In total, I drove over 8000 miles, passed through thirteen states and two Canadian provinces, and visited 10 national parks. I've posted photographs from my 2009 West Coast Road Trip

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