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Web Site Reorganized
Posted: 24-Jun-2003 2:35PM CDT
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Jeff has completed a major reorganization of his web space. This reorganization involved the moving of WebCam2000 to its own domain and the withering of the domain. A couple of things have also been removed from For instance, Jeff's archive of school papers is no longer online.

StratoSetup and Windows Restart have also been downgraded to the status of "no longer actively maintained." Jeff might still update them in the future, but he has no plans to do so at this time.

The main part of Jeff's web space is now generated using new site management software. The software is a distant cousin of the software used to create Jeff's web site. This version of the software uses a collection of Perl scripts to build static HTML pages based on a MySQL database. Jeff plans to test the software, do some refactoring, and release the software at some point in the future.

One of the new features of the site is the ability to comment on "news items" such as this one. See the "view/post comments" link below for more information.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Jeff's website, feel free to contact him.

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Posted by Jeff on 24-Jun-2003 7:40PM CDT
First post!
Posted by Adam on 24-Jun-2003 10:04PM CDT
second post!
Posted by Magnus on 27-Jun-2003 6:40PM CDT
third post!
Posted by tom on 13-Jul-2003 11:26PM CDT
4th post!
Posted by Jeff on 14-Jul-2003 12:55AM CDT
...biting commentary.
Posted by bob on 15-Jul-2003 9:12AM CDT
First po... fuck.
Posted by Jeff on 16-Jul-2003 6:08AM CDT
This poses an interesting problem. I generally don't like vulgarity; yet now it appears on my web site. Hmm... I guess it`ll stay for now.
Posted by Jeff on 26-Jul-2003 10:10AM CDT
Posted by Antonio on 24-Aug-2003 11:01PM CDT
Fuckity fuck!
In the vulgarity dislikes YOU!
Posted by BadNews - John on 26-Aug-2003 6:20PM CDT
I wonder if Antonio can read?
He must have seen Jeff's post of 15-July-03, but went ahead and showed his disrespect for all. He realy thinks no one will know him, or who he is.

I feel sorry for those incompetent vegetables.
Posted by Antonio on 28-Aug-2003 11:00AM CDT
Jeff knows me, and probably would expect a humorous comment like that from me. Please don't judge someone by a couple of lines. Have a good day.

Hi mom!
Posted by Jeff on 30-Aug-2003 12:13AM CDT
It's funny Antonio is looking for his mom here.
Posted by Antonio's Mom on 14-Nov-2003 6:24AM CST
Antonio! You're alive!
Posted by Jeff on 16-Nov-2003 1:46PM CST
That was interesting.
Posted by Woo! on 9-Mar-2004 3:41AM CST
Webcam 2000 Rocks the house!
Posted by on 15-Mar-2004 6:32PM CST
Posted by Jeff on 22-Mar-2004 6:00PM CST
Posted by Security risk? on 12-May-2004 5:37PM CDT
Hi, I got my webcam up and running using this cool program! In order for it to work I had to forward the ports in my router's firewall

I havent given it's IP address to anyone, but I've noticed in the logfile, however, that there are a couple of hits from around the world every now and then. Usually it's just one frame hit. What's going on? Can anybody explain? how do these people know about the camara or is it like some sort of scanner program that they use and if so, what for? is my PC at risk or anything?

Thanks and sorry if these questions are dumb, but I'm a newbie
Posted by rastlin on 3-Aug-2004 3:55AM CDT
i want to say thanks from those of us whom cannot afford a decient webcam and need a image captureing software thank you ever so much ^_^ keep up the good work

Posted by kooltuo on 28-Aug-2004 9:19AM CDT
this program is great! thanks!
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