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My Favorite Time of the Semester, My Web Site, Ryan's Wedding, and Stop Taking Out the Garbage
[US 150]
Posted: 11-Aug-2003 3:34PM CDT
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Well it's my favorite time of the semester again: the time where I get to spend hours on end grading exams! After having to spend two hours watching students take an exam on Saturday afternoon, I spent hours over the next day and a half grading, and I'm still not done. Fun, fun, fun!

I took a short break this morning to finish the project of adding all of my websites into my new website management software. and are now completely integrated into my new software tool. I've also updated the design of the 200B website. I decided to play around with CSS some more; specifically, I've tried out the float attribute. It's behavior seems a little funky, but I used to make the navigation menu on the 200B website.

Speaking of 200B, Ryan will be getting married this coming Saturday. I'm gonna make the trip to Paoli on US 150. I live two blocks from US 150 here in Urbana, Paoli is on US 150, and Louisville, the location of the reception, is on US 150. I should see some nice Indiana back roads.

Trash Piles up Outside Jeff's Apartment

The residents of the surrounding apartment who are moving in and out have managed to overflow the dumpster that is ten feet from the door to my apartment. The dumpster is intended to be used by only the resident's of my building; however, many residents of the neighboring (and much larger) building use it, and this is what happens. You can see in the background of this picture that the building next door's dumpsters aren't nearly as full. The garbage collectors will never pick up all of the trash here, and it will lie around the area for months to come. Oh well, college towns are cesspools.

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