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Ryan's Wedding
Posted: 18-Aug-2003 6:52PM CDT
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Ryan's wedding was fun. All of my former 200B roommates, save J.D., were able to make it. Additionally some of my other friends from college-Phil Summers, Brad Strobel, and Rob Lenny(sp?)-were there.

I went down there late Thursday evening and hung out with Brent, Kyle, and Ryan at Ryan's apartment. I had to come back to Urbana Friday morning to finish up some grading from CS 321; so I left when Ryan left work. I met up with Kyle and Brent in Indianapolis on Friday afternoon.

Kyle, Brent, and I had planned to stay at Ryan's apartment Friday evening; however, he got a bit carried away at the rehersal dinner and ended up inviting a total of 12 people to stay overnight at his tiny apartment. So Kyle, Brent, and I ended up staying at a hotel near Ryan's apartment in Bedford, Indiana.

The wedding itself was at the United Methodist Church in Paoli; the reception was about 15 miles north of Paoli at the First Baptist Church in Mitchell, Indiana. After that we all drove back to Paoli and then 40 miles to Louisville, Kentucky for another reception.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. I've posted some photographs from the wedding on the 200B website.

Additionally, the trash mess outside of my apartment has been cleaned up! Excellent.

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