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Ahh... October
Posted: 30-Sep-2003 7:12PM CDT
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This year has really gone by fast; 2002 seems like just yesterday. In about 11 hours it will be October in my time zone. October has always been my favorite month. I enjoy fall in general. I've always preferred cool weather; there is something brisk and energetic about fall weather. I enjoy the changing of the leaves, watching them fall, and hearing them rustle in the wind. On top of all of this, October is also my birth month! So hands down, October is my favorite month.

School is progressing well. My class projects are starting to shape up so soon there will be lots of work to do.

A major distraction to my work will soon be coming up though. On October 21st, Railroad Tycoon 3 will be released. I'm sure to be tempted by this game...

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