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October Wrap-Up
Posted: 16-Nov-2003 7:36AM CST
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Well here it is half way through November, and I'm doing an October wrap-up. Between working on all of my current class projects, my goal is to write a short script to make adding entries trivially easy. Then I can really start sharing my life with the world.

October was an adventuresome month. The first weekend of October, I headed down to Middlesboro, Kentucky to take a tour of the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. The tunnel is an extremely interesting piece of information. I will soon be writing up an account of my experience there over on

On the 25th of October, my best friend David Raney got married down in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I spent several days down there, and was the best man in David's wedding.

Besides that, there has just been a lot of school going on here in Urbana.

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