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2003 Wrap-Up
Posted: 23-Jan-2004 4:45AM CST
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Well, at least I'm not writing the 2003 Wrap-Up in June...

So, I went home for Thanksgiving and came back to an extremely busy three weeks of school before Christmas. I finished up all of my grading and projects late in the evening of Dec. 22 and drove home that night. I spent a couple of weeks at home this time. I came back up to school to spend New Years Eve in Chicago, and then drove down to Nashville on New Years Day. Over all, I did a lot driving.

I've been around Urbana for most of January, and used that time to get some work done on I finally have a layout for the site that I am mostly pleased with.

Nearing the top of my TODO list is writing a little program to make adding these entries even more trivially easy, wish me luck.

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