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WebCam2000 Version 1.66
Posted: 1-Feb-2004 6:33AM CST
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A new version of WebCam 2000 has been released. Version 1.66 adds support for HTTP basic password authentication. This gives users some degree of control over who can watch their web cam.

Additionally, left clicking on the WebCam2000 task bar icon now brings up a menu that allows users to control the server. Thanks to Matthew Heaton for helping add this feature.

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Posted by Mauricio on 4-Feb-2004 9:27AM CST
How could I modify the program such that it posted to a CGI instead of serving the images via a web server?
Posted by Jeff Carlyle on 5-Feb-2004 2:52PM CST
That would be a very complex modification. Essentially, you'd have to add code to periodically grab a frame and then invoke a POST request on your CGI script. I believe the Internet Explorer API provides a way to make POST requests without having to learn the details of HTTP; however, I've never tried that.
Posted by on 12-Apr-2004 4:54PM CDT
Posted by erkki on 12-Apr-2004 4:54PM CDT
Posted by JAM on 16-Apr-2004 11:06AM CDT
How do you configure XP ICF and zone alarm to work simultaneously to be able to serve images to port 8080?
Posted by Jeff Carlyle on 12-Jul-2004 6:10AM CDT
I've never used ZoneAlarm, so I don't have a clue what to tell you.
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