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WebCam2000 Version 1.67 Released
Posted: 6-Feb-2004 7:09AM CST
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This version of WebCam2000 adds a few features inspired by a patch from Robert Konigsberg: the locations of capoff.bmp and overlay.bmp are now configurable through the system registry, capoff.bmp is no longer rotated when the camera image is set to be rotated, and the WebCam2000 now has a way to quickly turn off the camera.

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Posted by gort4short on 15-Mar-2004 6:40PM CST
Kudos to you Jeff for maintaining this website and offering Webcam2000 to the public as freeware. I've had tons of fun toying with this little webcam gem and will recommend it to others.

Thanks -
Posted by on 7-Jun-2004 6:43AM CDT
Where in the system registry do I fine the file location info.

Thank you

Posted by Jason on 25-Jun-2004 10:32PM CDT
The program works great for a while then freezes up. I am running XP. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have tried several different webcams but still get the same result. If I check "show last available image" That is all that will show up after it freezes, otherwise just the image holder with the red X shows up.

Posted by Coby on 3-Jul-2004 11:15PM CDT

Great program. I really want to get it to work... :)

Works with localhost but otherwise I can't open it on other computers.

I have a cable connection....ran ipconfig the ip. tried it on my browser:

http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/ ......... WORKS !!!!!

but it fails from other computers. I am using XP and I tried it with and without the firewall thing.

any idea?
Posted by Jeff Carlyle on 12-Jul-2004 6:05AM CDT
This really wasn't meant to be seen as a support venue, I guess that means I should turn of comments here.

But here goes.

Peter: WebCam2000 doesn't store any file location information in the registry. It stores its files and looks for other support files in whatever the current working directory is.

Jason: I've never encountered that problem. If you want to email me the details about your problem, I can look at it.

Coby: It sounds like you are behind something along the lines of a broadband router or some other type of Network Address Translation unit. Your IP is a private network IP address--that means it is not directly accessible from outside of your local network. If you are using a broadband router, you need to look up in your router documentation how to forward incoming connections through your router to the machine where WebCam2000 is running. Then you should try accessing the camera using your internet connection's IP address, and not your local machine's IP address.

In the future, please email your tech support problems to me directly.
Posted by Drew on 21-Oct-2004 4:14AM CDT
I am having the same trouble as Jason. Dont know if it is directly related to wc2000 but it is the exact same behavior as Jason had. Any help would be grand.

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