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Flooded with Email?
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Posted: 18-Feb-2004 8:00AM CST
Topics: [JeffCenter]
Size of Jeff Carlyle's mailbox over a three week period.

Starting in late January and for no particular reason, I started monitoring the total size of the email I received everyday. A program takes a measurement around noon US/Central time everyday.

It turns out that I get multi-megabyte amounts of email everyday. For the first couple of weeks I was getting 9 MB of email a day. Finally, around Feb. 11 the MyDoom virus died out, and my email suddenly shrank to a measly 3 MB per day.

I'm measuring the amount of email before I do any filtering on it, so I don't actually have to read most of this email. Procmail and SpamAssassin successfully filter out most of the stuff I don't want to read.

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Posted by jdam on 21-Feb-2004 11:32PM CST
can we do that chart for the last five years please?
Posted by Jeff Carlyle on 22-Feb-2004 6:52AM CST
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