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New Ground Broken: Spring Break 2004
[Kentucky's New License Plate]
Posted: 14-Apr-2004 8:56AM CDT
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My Spring Break this year (March 20-March 28) consisted of a couple of brief road trips, a visit home, and an ophthalmologist appointment.

I devoted the first Sunday of Spring Break to visiting the last few counties in Kentucky I hadn’t yet visited, so now I’ve visited all 120 of Kentucky’s counties. You can keep track of the counties I’ve visited over at As of today, I’ve visited 33.1% of the counties in the United States.

On Monday, I found out that I don’t necessarily need new glasses, but I’ve had my current pair for four years and they are starting to wear out. So it’s new glasses time for me.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I headed out west to Oklahoma. I had the desire to go on a longer road trip, and Oklahoma was the nearest state I had never visited before. I covered lots of a ground those two days and saw a number of interesting things: Little Rock at rush hour, the Sonic made famous by the Simple Life, the Oklahoma City National Memorial, parts of the Oklahoma turnpike system, Wal-Mart’s corporate headquarters, Branson, and Bass Pro Shops’ largest store (in Springfield, Missouri). You can browse a few pictures from my journeys below.

[Covington, TN] [Sonic in Ozark, Arkansas] [Someone Doesn't Like Oprah] [Oklahoma City Bombing Site] [Oklahoma City Bombing Site] [Oklahoma City Bombing Site] [Oklahoma City Bombing Site] [Oklahoma City Bombing Site]

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