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Summer Wrap-Up
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Posted: 25-Aug-2004 5:51AM CDT
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Since last we spoke lots of things have happened. There has been some sad news in the Carlyle family: my grandmother died in late July. There has also been some exciting news: I have a new job.

  • We’ll start off with the sad news. My paternal grandmother, Eleanor Carlyle, died on July 24. She had been suffering from Alzheimer’s and cancer for some time—she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s sometime before my grandfather died in 1998, so at least she is no longer suffering.
  • I finished up instructing my first class, CS 231, back in the first week of August. I’ve always dreaded grading exams, but with only 15 students in CS 231 I managed to finish grading on the same day of the exam. My TA and grader finished grading the last programming assignment the next day, and we managed to turn in the grades on the Monday following a Saturday exam.
  • I had a week or so of downtime. During that time I traveled to Evansville to see one of my friend’s from college and see his band in concert. His band—the Sungazers—are great, and they put on a good show. If any reading this gets a chance to see them live, go. And by all means, buy their CD. After seeing their show on a Friday night, I spent the rest of the weekend at home in Kentucky. On the way back to school I drove along the Ohio River from Brandenburg to Paducah. Watch for some pictures from that trip on
  • I’ve also started a new job. I’ll be working as a graduate assistant doing programming work on some digital library projects in the Grainer Engineering Library here at the University of Illinois. This will be a change for me as it will be the first time since I worked in the IALab in Evansville that I have a regular work schedule. Sure I’ve had office hours and lectures to attend as a TA and instructor; however, that was only an hour or two a day: now I have 20 hours of work scheduled a week. Having a regular schedule should have its upsides though; the clear schedule let’s me know when its time to walk away and doing something. No longer will I spend 18 hours straight grading exams!
  • Additionally, I’m not taking any classes this semester. It’s all thesis research for me this semester, and perhaps for all of my remaining semesters here.
  • And why does this item have an L&N logo? Well, why not?
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