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Another Fall
Posted: 1-Nov-2004 2:48AM CST
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Bush-Cheney '04 -

Once again itís been much too long since we spoke. My new job is going well, and Iíve made decent progress on my thesis research.

Iíve also done a lot of road tripping. Back on August 7, I traveled down to Southern Illinois to check out the railroad overpass in Benton where the train derailed onto I-57 and to hike a section of a rail-trail. Iíve gone home a couple of times, and each time I took some pictures for And Iíve also followed several rail lines and added pictures to my railroad photography page.

Iíve also taken some trips of which I have no photographic evidence. I explored the Richardson Corn Maze in Spring Grove, Illinois, and I attended the Pumpkin Festival in Morton, Illinois. After the Pumpkin Festival, I followed the Illinois River from Peoria to Alton. I also went to St. Louis on October 8, and stood outside of the debate site to show my support for President Bush.

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