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Christmas Bow Experiment
Posted: 16-Nov-2004 2:14AM CST
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Jeff's Front Door

Back in October of 2001, just two months after I moved into my apartment, my vacuum cleaner died while I was attempting to clean my apartment before my friend David came up from Bowling Green for the ACMís Reflections|Projections conference. The vacuum didnít catch fire, but it did smoke. In order to avoid having to live with the smell of the burnt out vacuum, I decided to sit it outside, against the building, in front of my car. When I woke up the next morning the vacuum cleaner was gone.

Now as far as I was concerned the vacuum cleaner was worthless; however, I have always wondered if perhaps the thief would plug in the vacuum and have it catch on fire. Wouldnít that be justice? Since that time Iíve been convinced that anything set outside my apartment is destined to be quickly stolen. I have decided to test this hypothesis by attaching a large red bow to my door. I installed the bow just before 6:45pm today November 15, 2004. I will report back here when it is stolen.

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Posted by Jeff on 16-Nov-2004 8:21AM CST
Oh yeah, the comments things are more-or-less broken until I can work out some issues with my hosting provider and my scripts.
Posted by Jeff on 16-Aug-2009 11:39AM CDT
Well, it has been nearly five years since comments were disabled, and I have only just now gotten around to re-enabling them. There is still some testing underway.
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